Fleet Air Arm - North Atlantic and Indian Ocean - General directions for where to go next

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  1. I know he spent some time on some ships where he described firing depth charges off the side after submarines in the Indian Ocean. Though, he never sunk/saw a submarine.

    I am not sure that this "service record" is correct, as it is specifically extracted from his "Pay and Victuals" which I believe is just a record of where he was when he got his payments - There appears not to be a detailed service record, only where he was stationed at the time of his pay. So I suspect he was out and about on various duties on the sea in between. Maybe he worked on the Walrus Aircraft? That fits Submarine hunting - As for the Shaw and Begum, he may have been attached to a training Squadron, and as you say, brought onboard to work on various damaged craft.
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    George where did you get the records/docs you have posted?

    You are guessing a lot George
    If he lived in Wembley he could have worked at numerous engineering companies who existed in the area at that time.There were many in the Wembley/Hendon/Burnt Oak area
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    P & V Ledgers are more accurate than the actual service record. The service record will mainly show stone frigates - the shore bases and accounting bases that the rating served in or handled his account.
    His service record was given to the rating on discharge so his P & V is all you have.

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    There are some serious anomalies between the records you have and family history. The P&V Ledgers show not only who was responsible for paying someone but also who was responsible for victualling them. Small units were covered by their parent establishment but frigates and destroyers upwards maintained their own ledgers so any drafting to these should show up on the P&V extracts you have.
    Qualification for the Atlantic Star required six months service afloat in the Atlantic or Home Waters - no such service is obvious from the P&V extract.
    I think your next move should be to contact the Medal Office who will be able to tell you which medals were issued and when (bear in mind WW2 medals were not issued automatically but had to be applied for).

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  5. I am, but I know he lived on DeHaviland Road right next to DeHaviland. Some of my conclusions are based not on the documents here, but on family oral history.

  6. This is brilliant, I did not know that this was possible!
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    Sorry George just trying to help you clear up stuff

    de Havilland road is in Queensbury/Edgware not Wembley and de Havilland would have been the Stag Lane aerodrome which by 1933 had been sold off for housing although there was a small de Havilland workshop kept on the site
    Stag Lane Aerodrome - Wikipedia

    Re de Havilland road that would have been newly built in the late thirties
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  9. You are correct. Its a likely a coincidence in the names. I know for sure he lived on that road after the war - but not sure where he was pre-war and pre-service other than Wembly; My aunt mentioned him working at an airplane factory which I am pretty sure was DeHaviland - we drove to the general area in 1990 and she was pointing these things out. I sadly did not take notes, or know to ask the right questions at the time.

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