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Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by Paul Reed, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Paul Reed

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    Would be interested to know if anyone has or has come across any of these books. There appears to be a whole series of them covering all sorts of units, and many are memoirs of combatants. They seem to be heavy on the photos, which sounds too good to be true as they seem to retail for only €14.95 each. The publisher is Flechsig but I can't seem to find a website for them?

    An example of the cover shown below.

  2. Kuno

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    @ Paul; I just bought Alois Schlee "Unter der glühenden Sonne Afrikas". 350 pages of much more than 1'000 previously unpublished photographs of 10 soldiers of the Afrikakorps. The other one I bought recently is the memoirs and photographs of a gunner in an armoured car of a recce unit in the Afrikakorps - a real first hand account!
  3. Paul Reed

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    Danke, Kuno - that is good to hear. I might order a couple in the New Year. 350 pages and 1000 photos for 15 Eurobucks is pretty good, even at the current exchange rate!
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    I don't know if this helps I found a link to a Luftwaffe Pilot on Wikipedia and a source of ref was a book published by Flechsig Verlag. When I googled this I got quite a few hits but all the return were in German. I think a translator is req :)

  6. Paul Reed

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  7. James S

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    I have bough one of their titles "Korvettenkapitan Werner Hartenstein Mit U-156 auf feindfahrt und der fall, Laconia" ( Hans-Joachim Roll).

    Will have to try and get to grips with the German text in some way, it will be "fun".
    As far as quality of the book goes , excellent !
  8. Lorelei

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    I have at least six of their books and many are extremely good. Some I purchased and some my publisher, J.J. Fedorowics, sent me. Remember the price is in Euros and there is shipping, but otherwise there is no problem. I translate WW2 military books from German to English for J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing who also puts out some very good books. Klaus Scharley
  9. steelers708

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    JJ Fedorowicz produce excellent books, as Lorelei says many are translated from the original German. I have virtually all of their books and would recommend all of them, although they tend to be very expensive due to the small print runs.

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