Flamethrower for the garden

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by CL1, Mar 25, 2015.

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    The XM42 flamethrower is made by Ion Productions, a game development studio whose about page only features one person holding an assault rifle. The flamethrower comes with a basic model at $699 or with a fancier body for $799. Fueling the fire of the XM42 is 87 octane gasoline, which can produce a stream of flame that reaches up to 25 feet. It’s purported as the first commercially available handheld flamethrower, though a quick search reveals other flamethrowers available, albeit ones that require users to strap fuel canisters to their backs.

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  2. phylo_roadking

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    I wonder if the first customer review will be from someone called Ripley....
  3. dbf

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    yeah but

    "just one of those things managed to kill my entire crew"
  4. canuck

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    or Crispy!
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    good day cl1.25th march.2015. 07:22pm re:flamethrower for the garden.no i would be worried if my neighbour had one.after what happened on the resent plane crash.the co.pilot locket the captain out of cockpit.and crashed the plane,if you had a tiff with your neighbour he or she turns on there flamethrower.not at all keen.regards bernard85.
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    We own one of these. Great for weeds and ice but a little weak in terms of setting anything (someone) alight from a distance.

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  8. Robert-w

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    Can I get a 2inch mortar to deal with the moles?
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  9. bamboo43

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    We had a number of these at work for a while, until Health & Safety said no!!
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  11. bamboo43

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    Absolutely! :mad:

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