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    Hi DaveB

    The quotation marks were used as I assumed that only officers would be recorded as Wrigley was, and as such Robinson may also be included in the same documentation and thereby perhaps showing that he was DOAS as Wrigley was.
    However as I am not a specialist in this area and you have found Bunting (LAC) mentioned as DOAS, it might be a route to see if all those mentioned in #1 where DOAS or otherwise.
    Now I know that the RAF was egalitarian in its recording systems I have learnt a new fact to start 2014 off - its a pity the Army were not the same as trying to find details of someone in the NCO order of rank in War Diaries etc is a very frustrating and time consuming task, unless they had been 'naughty' :(
    Thanks again for the education

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    Hi TD, I will have a look for that, but that might indeed have been the case.
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    Last Saturday I was in the vincinity of Nijmegen, so I decided to visit the Jonkerbos War Cemetery. I also had a look at the five graves from this topic. On the photograph below you can see six graves. There is a Sergeant Miller (died 27 January 1946) buried in between of these five men.

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    Hi All, I see this is an old thread but felt I had to add what little I know.
    Stanley Patrick Wrigley was killed whilst on duty on 9th May, 1945 as the result of a collision between 2 service vehicles on the Nijmegen to Grave Road, Holland. The other two occupants in the vehicle who died were Flying Officer D T Robinson (51575) and Leading Aircraftman R Turner (1286873). The other vehicle involved had two unnamed Canadian Soldiers in it which one survived.
    This information was received by the RAF personnel management agency, RAF Innsworth, Gloucester GL3 1EZ

    My Grandfather Stanley Wrigley has now been inscribed on the Roll of Honour at the foot of the Cenotaph, Blackpool thanks to his Nephew Bill.

    Hope this information was of some use.
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    In my research on Belgians I found out that adjudant BARRO Lucien burried at Jonkerbos was killed in a train accident wich happend on the 26 january 1946 near Ravenstein (Netherlands). He was in the first coach of the leave train. several sources do mention more casualties , And when we look on 26/01/1946 and 27/01/1947 as date of death for Jonkerbos, Holten, Goesbeek war cemetery's we find more names so there is a possibillity that they were killed in the same accident. Since I only look in to Belgians this is not my cup of tea, but may be others can do additional research

    Knipsel CWG 3.JPG
    Knipsel CWG 4.JPG
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