First Hand Accounts Dunkirk and BEF Retreat 1940

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    Came across these first hand accounts recently on Fort Luton museum website , some short some long-
    Dunkirk-Letters and Recollections of Veterans. » Dunkirk 1940 - The Before, The Reality, The Aftermath

    Found the rather ruthless Cpl. Foulkes account particularly interesting not everyone it seems was a stiff upper lip paragon of virtue -

    Personal Account Corporal Edward Foulkes DCM MM 716 Company Royal Engineers » Dunkirk 1940 - The Before, The Reality, The Aftermath

    There are other accounts at end of topics here-
    The Museum » Dunkirk 1940 - The Before, The Reality, The Aftermath

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  2. Guy Hudson

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    First name(s) Edward
    Last name Foulkes
    Residence Manchester,Lancs
    Enlistment year 1881-1920
    Service number 79118
    Rank Private
    Battalion 36th
    Transfer to/from From Kings(Liverpool)(2nd Infantry Labour Coy) & Manchester Regt(11th Bn)
    Cause of discharge KR Para 392(xxviii)
    Notes Kings No.39745; Manchester No.65838; L/CPL; M.M.11/2/19; D.C.M.2/12/19; Named E.FAULKES in other sources(?)
    Record set British Army, Northumberland Fusiliers 1881-1920
    Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 14.13.36.png
    Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 14.12.27.png
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    Extract from Citations of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1914–1920. On ancestry this is dated 2.12.1919

    Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 17.54.03.png
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  4. John Melling

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    That's a WW1 soldier and DCM citation
    So does not belong on here:whistle::point: but on the GREAT WAR FORUM
  5. Guy Hudson

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    Served in both wars, won M.M. and D.C.M. in WW1.
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  6. JCB

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    There is a link to Corporal Foulkes very interesting WW2
    Dunkirk experiences in the first post.

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