Find of ww2 Jeep?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Arne Vandendriessche, im 13 years old. I am very interested in the war. I'm looking for remains with a metal detector. Sunday I found a piece of an army jeep on a field in the village of Proven near Poperinghe. I would like to know what vehicle this is. I'm thinking of an American or German piece.
    I found the lid to put the petrol in yet another round thing with a glass ball in the middle. and something else that might be a spark plug. Can someone help me?
    Attached are some photos of the find and the details with which it may be identified. I know it is difficult to see a piece of a jeep in it but it sure is. The farmer had heard from his father that it had been buried there during the war.


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  2. Dave55

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    Hello Arne and welcome to the forum.

    Be careful with the cylinder object. It might, stress might, be an ignition cartridge for an American 4.2" mortar round. Looks like brass crimped over the front, which matches the description in the link below.

    The 4.2 crews each had a jeep and trailer.



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  3. Thanks,

    Are there pictures of that motar?
    So i can check it if its that piece?
    All information is welcom about the details attached i think the diameter is 6cm (2,3 inche?).


  4. Dave55

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    Hi Arne.

    If that round boss is 6 cm in diameter than the whole piece might be a 4.2" mortar barrel

    The are lots of pictures on the net. I think the official US Army name was M2 4.2" Chemical Mortar. Chemical designation was because originally they thought they would primarily be used to fire White Phosphorus shells.

    Google WWII 4.2 mortar. M2 107mm Chemical Mortar, 4.2 Chemical Mortar, etc.


    Note the jeep with trailer at far right.

    Gallery of CMB Images
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  5. I don't mean the length of that piece of that projectile. But from something that was on the jeep. It is a copper circle of about 6 cm in diameter (a little more than 3.2 inches) there is just a sun shape and in that shape is a glass circle. maybe to see where the gas is filled? Any information about which jeep it could be is welcome.

  6. see the bigger picture by my first post.
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    I understood which circle you meant but I didn't realize it was glass with a copper or copper-like piece. Might be a bronze bearing surface for something to rotate on. I don't think it has anything to do with the gas tank though. Jeeps had a fuel gauge on the dash board and the sending unit on the tank didn't have glass in it.

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  8. Somebody think its a Russian one.
    Are there plans of the Russian ww2 jeeps?
    And have the Russian soldiers been in Poperinge?


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