Film/Photo of my grandfather with Monty on Juno beach 1944

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    Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place. My Grandfather (Lieutenant colonel William J Humphrey) was a beach commander of Juno beach. I own a couple of pictures and have also managed to find a small clip of him and Monty on Juno Beach 1944 about 3 seconds worth! you would need to forward to 6.26 Just wondering if anyone has seen any other footage on the internet of this moment? I have spoken to the news organisation that has the footage but they cant check at the moment due to the virus. Many thanks in advance. Ben
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    Wow thanks very much M Kenny much appreciated! Great to see the extra footage of my grandfather talking to Monty. I have attached one of the pictures (hope it works) I have a copy of, but however it is the same as idler has posted (Thank you Idler for the link to the photos.) it is signed by Monty though. We have the other picture too which i can't find at the moment. He appears briefly in the footage of the King landing on the beach HM KING GEORGE VI VISITS THE NORMANDY BEACHHEAD (PART 1) [Allocated Title] (Thank you 8RB for the tip) at 16 seconds he is standing behind Monty's staff car. He was 6'7" so yes was a tall man. (I am 6'4" so the tall gene runs in the family!) He certainly met Churchill on a couple of occasions and the king as they used Juno beach for all the dignitary's. I believe he was in charge of a brigade of men at Catterick for the Normandy landings, but not sure what else he was involved in during the second world war. He fought in the Somme in the first world war too and received a MC for holding out against a German attack. (He was wounded at some point which ironically may have saved his life) He was also awarded an OBE for services to his country. We have some memoirs of his time when he left the beach head in Normandy and traveled up to Amiens on the 1st Sept 1944. Thanks again to everyone who has posted on here, much appreciated.

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