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    The entire book " BALL OF FIRE - The Fifth Indian Division in the Second World War" by Antony Brett-James is available online thanks to The AFS Story

    They've also uploaded " The Tiger Triumphs - The Story of Three Great Divisions in Italy".

    I'm particularly pleased about the former book as available paper copies retail at about £100.
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    Chapter 11 of Ball of Fire mentions Brigadier Reid's terrible handwriting.
    I have added a sample of his style. On second thoughts, attached is a translation.

    "My Dear Siderfin,

    Before you leave us I would like you to know, and all of your men to know, how very much we have appreciated all you have done to help this column carry out its task with the apparent success which it has done.
    I have already told you that in the early days the steadfastness of the column to air attack was to a very great extent the result of the fine fighting spirit and example set by your officers and men.
    We shall miss you very greatly and it is my hope and that of all in Force ‘E’ that we may meet once more at a not too distant date.
    In the meantime, wherever you go, the best of good fortune to you all. There is no need for me to make any remark as to what your conduct is likely to be. You will be setting another example to other troops I have no doubt. I give my best thanks to 6 LAA Battery, may you all flourish.
    I am most sincerely,
    Reid Brigadier
    29th Indian Infantry Brigade"

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    That really is bad writing that like. And I thought mine was bad.
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    I can read his handwriting without any trouble. It's a fairly typical style for the period. He could give 90% of NHS GPs handwriting lessons :)
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    I need to retire, with all these books and websites to read, there just aren't enough hours in a day.
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