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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by nemesis, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. nemesis

    nemesis Senior Member

    Photo of the home guard from an area or town of Fife , anyone got any idea what area they are from

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  2. wtid45

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    Im not sure you can narrow it down more than the information given on the post card, but I found this link which may be of some intrest. Fife Home Guard
  3. nemesis

    nemesis Senior Member

    Thanks , will take a look
  4. Strath

    Strath Member

    Sorry for bringing up an old thread but felt this needed an answer - the 3rd were Anstruther, Fife.
    I believe they used a drill hall, which are now offices at Backdykes

    Post no 2 has a link to two photos, 1st Fife is Cupar and 2nd is St Andrews
  5. nemesis

    nemesis Senior Member

    Thanks for info. Excellent
  6. aboode

    aboode Member

    Fife had the following Home Guard Battalions:
    - 1st Fife (Cupar)
    - 2nd Fife (St. Andrews)
    - 3rd Fife (Anstruther)
    - 4th Fife (Leven)
    - 5th Fife (Kirkcaldy)
    - 6th Fife (Lochgelly)
    - 7th Fife (Dunfermline)
    - 8th Fife (Kirkcaldy)
    - 9th Fife (Rosyth Dock Yard)
    - 10th Fife (Donibristle)
  7. Gordon MacGregor

    Gordon MacGregor New Member

    Does anyone have or know of any photographs relating to the 4th Battalions?

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