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    My grandfather it seems was attatched to the F&F as a dispatch rider and I have yet to obtain his serice record. He met my grandmother while stationed in Northern Ireland and I was wondering if anyone knew when or even if the F&F were here? He would have met her in the Dungannon or Castlecaulfield area sometime prior to July 1942. Does anyone know what Scottish regiments would have been in those areas between 1940 -1942?
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    Do you know what his parent unit was?

    There is a Fife and Forfar Yeomanry diary for 1940 is WO 167/456 but it's the 1st Fife and Forfar Yeomanry.
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    Apart from knowing that he was with the 2nd F&F the only other details I have are that judging from pics he was in belgium and possibly holland. I do have a mention in a local paper regarding his marriage which states that he was with the F&F when stationed in the local area.
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    2nd Fife and Forfar wasn't in France during 1940 which puts them out of my 'comfort zone'. They went to Europe in 1944. Hopefully some kind North West Europe experts will come along soon.

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    thanks for the help anyway.

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