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  1. Noel Burgess

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    I could not find a previous reference to this site, with apologies to anyone who already knows all about this.
    This site Field Service Pocket Books has quite a number of these pocket books from various dates available to download. Tehy ask for a small contribution; I am sure that members will find this resource and others which are on the site very usefull.
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  2. Richard Fisher

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    Morning Noel,

    That's my site and I can see from tracking back through link referrers that the post you put up is driving a few people there so thanks for that.

    The pages were previously at so some might have seen it from there. The donation isn't mandatory at all but does certainly help the running costs of the Association.


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  3. amberdog45

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    Thanks for sharing the link. Looking forward to reading the 1920's India material. I had a great uncle stationed there 1921-28 and the Black Watch museum couldn't shed much light on that time frame.
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