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    Quote from my grandfather's diary;

    "i was on an general exercise in a town called setif near algiers, being a french occupied town there was a 10pm curfew in place, there was 16 of us in the bar late at night when a patrol came in and started talking in French to everyone and proceeded to poke me in the chest, well not understanding him and having had a drink i belted him one! I found myself on some straw in the barracks of the french post, the next morning a regimental officer arrived and i was charged with assault on a french officer i received field punishment I was corporal at the time. "

    what was field punishment in this case i wonder? would there be anywhere where this might be recorded?

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    It would certainly have been recorded on your grandfather's conduct sheet, but whether this is now accessible I rather doubt. But I too would like to know what it entailed.

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    It would be recorded as part of his service records, punishment was handed out by the senior officers and was always done officially, and thus documented. It should show, when, what happened, what the punishment was, how long, if any pay was forfeited etc.


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