Field Marshall Lord Alanbrooke war diaries - December 1940?

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    I would be most grateful if anyone can share an extract of Lord Alanbrooke's war diary for 19th December 1940.

    On this day he visited the 2nd Bn, Herefordshire Regiment, in which my late-grandfather was serving at the time.

    I am researching my grandfather's service and would be interested to know what - if any - reference is made to it in the war diary.

    I would also be interested in any others references made to the 2nd Herefords, or 114th Infantry Brigade, or 38th (Welsh) Infantry Division during 1940-41.

    Any assistance shall be greatly appreciated!
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    Thank you idler - much appreciated!

    Do you know if there are any other references to 38th Div, 114th Inf Bde, or 2nd Herefords during 1940-41?
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    Thank you very much indeed!

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