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  1. SpidermansGaffer

    SpidermansGaffer Junior Member

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding how to find details of my grandfathers FGCM. Is it possible to find out what he had (allegedly) done??

    He didn't lose his rank etc, so I presume he was found not guilty...

  2. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Hi Greg - There is a register, quite a few actually, at the National Archives. I think this only has the ones found guilty recorded in it and to be fair. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack even if you have a date and theatre where he was serving.

    What unit was he with and the date - Some of the Home Forces war diaries list offences etc in the units Part One orders. Sadly not all diaries contain them though.

  3. SpidermansGaffer

    SpidermansGaffer Junior Member

    Pioneer Corps

    Date would be around 30/12/43 in Haifa

    Lieutenant Thomas Dick QM 279086
  4. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Do you know what unit in the Pioneer Corps?
  5. SpidermansGaffer

    SpidermansGaffer Junior Member

    47 group if that helps?

  6. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

  7. annswabey

    annswabey Junior Member

    Not a needle in a haystack, just potentially a lengthy search
  8. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    It took me over a week to copy all of the registers for WW2 and I think there was around 25,000 names/offences listed - good luck then ;)
  9. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Here's the ref for the units war diary

    WO 169/12736 PIONEER CORPS. GROUPS. 47 Gp Jan-Dec 1943

    Couldn't find his MM on the TNA website.
  10. annswabey

    annswabey Junior Member

    I know it's difficult - I've searched them, but it will be there if willing to search
  11. SpidermansGaffer

    SpidermansGaffer Junior Member

    He won his MM in France in 1918 (12th Royal Scots)

    Thanks for the help so far guys.

  12. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Did he serve in France with the BEF? I know its a bit off topic but that's my area :)
  13. SpidermansGaffer

    SpidermansGaffer Junior Member

    Not as far as I know, he enlisted into the 1/10th Royal Scots in 1912 and was drafted into the 12th Scots between 1916/17 I think.
  14. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    When did he join up in WW2?
  15. SpidermansGaffer

    SpidermansGaffer Junior Member

    He re-enlisted into the Royal Scots Territorials in 1929 & stayed in until he was called up for military service in 1938 (Battery Sergeant Major in 14 LAA)

  16. SpidermansGaffer

    SpidermansGaffer Junior Member

    I've ordered a quotation for a copy of the War Diary as it's not been digitised yet. Does anybody know if the court martial records are available online? Or possibly advise me how to find the info I'm looking for?

  17. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Make sure you are sitting down when you read the quote :lol:

    Ref the FGCM what was the date - I may be able to tell you the register it is in but it's not something I'd search for personally. I spent 2-3 hours IIRC checking one for someone and still couldn't find it.
  18. SpidermansGaffer

    SpidermansGaffer Junior Member

    Dec '43

    I wrote to the historian of the Pioneer Corps who provided me with some info. Extract follows -

    30 Dec 43
    Lt J C Plant – tos vice Dick (FGCM)

    This is a problem – he is shown in the War Diary as being tried by Field General Court Martial. The good news is he was obviously found not Guilty as there is no record in the London Gazette or in the Army Medal Office if him leaving (cashiered) or losing his medal entitlement. He seems to have left 47 Group in December 1943 (he could well have been attached to one of the Companies whilst undergoing investigation.

    8 Jan 44
    Group leaves HAIFA
    9 Jan 44
    Group reaches QUASSASIN and pitches tents at TAHAG.

    No other info re FGCM


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