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    Hi, I have posted this on the 'looking for' forum as well but posting it here too as he was a FEPOW.

    My grandfather William Ferguson served in 3/6th HAA regiment from 1935. Born in 1916, from Yorkshire, he married my grandmother Marjorie Cole in 1940 shortly before fighting in France and being evacuated from Dunkirk. My father James Ferguson was born in October 1941, shortly before (I believe) my grandfather William sailed with the 6th HAA to the Far East in November 1941. I know for sure that he was captured at Singapore when it fell and that he was transported by the Japanese to Saigon and from there was held in various POW camps, including Tamuang, with Colonel Lilly. I know he survived and returned to England. I know when he returned he found that his wife, believing him to be dead, had taken up with his brother Alex. I know he left Yorkshire immediately and not long after I believe that he left England to start a new life in either America or Canada in 1945 or 1946. Here the trail goes cold. Attempts have been made to find him by my father throughout his life but without success. My Dad is ill now and I am trying anything I can to find any trace of my grandfather. If still alive, he would be 103 so I know there is little hope, but he may well have family in the US. If anyone at all can help me, maybe someone with links still to the 6th HAA I would be so incredibly grateful. Or if anyone at all could suggest a way forward or somewhere else for me to try - maybe a group for Far East POWs in the US? Thank you for reading.
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    Hi Laura,

    William's Liberation Questionnaire is on line on the Cofepow website:

    Ferguson, William 2

    This gives you his Army service number and the POW Camps he was held at. Being in the Royal Artillery, there are other members on the forum who may be able to tell you more. With his Army service number, it will be possible for you or the family to apply for his Army service records from the MOD offices in Glasgow:

    Requests for personal data and service records: a detailed guide
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    Laura double posting does not help keep it all in on thread to stop forum members chasing their tales
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    You might want to look on the ship passenger lists on Ancestry and FMP. He may be listed there. If I was a betting man I’d say he’d more likely have headed for Canada as there would be no immigration issues there (Canadians classed as British until 1947/48 IIRC) rather than trying to get into USA.

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    Thank you all so much for your replies: I have learnt a great deal about him already, it's humbling. I am going to read the book for sure.

    CL1 - to answer your comment on my other thread, yes I have considered that he well might not want to be found, or that his family might feel the same. More than anything, I want to try and find out as much as I can for my father who does not have much time left. If we did manage to track anyone down, we would have to carefully weigh up whether to get in touch or not. I'm sorry for the double post.

    Thank you again.
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    Lara - do you have any other details for him? - middle name, place of birth etc, any and all these little details may help to answer your question


    England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005
    Name: William Ferguson
    Registration Date: Jan-Feb-Mar 1940
    Registration district: Wakefield
    Inferred County: Yorkshire West Riding
    Spouse: Marjorie Cole
    Volume Number: 9c
    Page Number: 13
  9. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    William Ferguson's name is in Pat Walker's book.

    A copy of his POW questionnaire is attached. I'll e-mail Pat as we are in contact.

    FERGUSON, W. - 2.JPG
    FERGUSON, W. - 2 - Copy.JPG
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    Hi - yes that is him! Marjorie was my grandmother. I don't think he had a middle name. His d.o.b was 17/11/16 and I think he was born in Scotland. His father was called Alexander Ferguson and his mother was called Mia Ferguson. His younger brother was called Alex, born in 1917.

    His address during the war was 45, High Street, Royston, Yorks.

    Thank you so much for the colour copy of his form - so much easier to read.
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    On 15/10/1946 a William Petrie Ferguson, aged 30, sailed on P&O liner Mooltan, for Singapore.

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    Though your Grandfather may have passed away, I feel disappointed he didn’t contact his son, your father. Further, if your Grandfather had more children they might want to know their other family.

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