Father's service record, 11 DLI & 1 Dorsets

Discussion in 'Durham Light Infantry' started by Martin Brayshay, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Hello Martin ,

    I am a researcher for the DLI Archive in County Durham and was very interested to see the post about your Father . We do have some info on 11 DLI which you may be interested in but both 10 and 11 DLI are the two Bn's who served in WW2 that we have the least info about probably because of the disbandment in August 1944.

    As has been pointed out one of the best resources on 70 brigade is the wonderful website of John Dixon who i know well have you been in touch with John ? We would be very interested in any other info / photos you may have of your Fathers time with 11 DLI if you would like to contact me .

    Best regards

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    Paul - many thanks for the endorsement!

    If Martin would like to contact me we can set up a Memorial Page for his late father on the Website - use e-mail address

    I am rather puzzled as to how we missed him as a transferee to the Dorsets - especially as it was at the same time as the others from the 11th who made the same move. We did research the Dorsets Enlistment Books but clearly did not find him, as he is not even on my "possibles" list of Brigade members. Strange.

    If Martin can also scan and send the Service Record pages we will do our best to see if there is anything else we can add to what he has already been told.

    As you know, we are still chasing Brigade members, especially from 10th, who have not yet come to light from the research so far.

    If I don't hear from Martin in the next few days I try and contact him direct. Paul Errington was good enough to draw my attention to this series of posts.


    John L Dixon
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  4. Hi Paul
    Sorry for the delay in replying but I have just returned from holiday and picked up the research again. I have not been in touch with John as I have not picked up on the website. I have a couple of photos the avitar one and another with another guy who I know nothing about, It may or may not be during his time with the DLI. My older brother has some bits he is trying to find for me, a couple of house moves since last looked at. Hopefully, this should happen in the next week or so. I did scan ( well my daughter did ) dads service record pages on the original thread. Hope this is of some use to you.

    Best Regards
  5. Hi John
    I have just replied to Paul (As I am just back from holiday) I posted ( well my daughter did ) dads service records on the original post have you got access to this or do you need them scanning again.

    Best Regards

    Ps my email is brayshayfamily@hotmail.co.uk if you want to contact me direct
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    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the reply , i've just got back from the Somme Armistice myself , i have seen the copies of your Dads records that you posted and it's great that you have them . It seems he went through all the Battles that 11 DLI fought in Normandy up to the disbandment . The toughest battle they fought in was the Battle of Rauray in late June early July 1944 and there is an excellent account of this Battle written by the CO of 11 DLI Lt Col John Hanmer .Any further info and photos you would be very much appreciated for the archive ,

    Best regards

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