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    hi im new to this site so forgive me if im on the wrong forum, im trying to fine some history of my know deceased father in law for my wife his name was thomas may and he joined up with his brother james may and his father moses may, i have a paper cutting from the farnworth journal 1940 saying father and two sons signed up at the same time, thomas may my father in law was sent to france and was evacuated from boulogne and spent four weeks in a military hospital, after this he went back to his unit and then was transferred to 5th loyals,, this is all i know from some stories he told us that he had to throw his motorbike into the sea instructed by a senior amer soldier, any help would be appreciated thanks pat
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    Owen is right in what he says, but I couldn't resist a peek at the regimental history...

    The reference to Boulogne is rather interesting as only one officer and 40 men of the Loyals were there. They were 5th Loyals who went to France as part of 20th Guards Brigade's Anti-Tank Company. The A/Tk Coy was probably disbanded on it's return, and it's almost certain that he would have first been returned to 5th Loyals as you describe.

    5th Loyals went on to become the 18th Reconnaissance Battalion who went to Malaya/Singapore with 18th (East Anglian) Division. For his sake I hope he didn't, but does that ring any bells?
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    hi im trying to find my deceased father inlaws war records or any info about him, he went to war with is brother and father with the guards brigade, he was later evacuated from boulogne, after spending four weeks in a military hospital he went back to is unit but then transferred to 5th loyals his name was thomas may and his father was moses may and his younger brother was james may, there were all from bolton and was called up when warr ww11 broke out , any info would be well appreciated or if anyone can point me in the right direction thanks pat
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    You mention Guards Brigade? Do you know which Guards Regiment?

    If he transferred to 5th Loyals his service papers are likely with the MOD and can be purchased for £30.


    If he stayed with a Guards regiment his papers will be available at the appropriate Gusrds Regimental Headquarters on payment of a similar fee.

    You need his papers to be sure of his military service. No point speculating until you have his papers.

    Good Luck

    Steve Y
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    [SIZE=11.5pt] , i would like to find out about my father in laws 's war record who served in the second world war, all i have is his name of the 5th battalion the loyal regiment and he was sent to france with the guards brigade and was evacuated from boulogne after spending 4 weeks in a military hospital his name was pte thomas may dob 3rd april 1920 born in newcastle lived in bolton is there enough information there to find out about his war record ? as i don't have any service no just the info i have said thanks to any one who can point me in the right direction[/SIZE]
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    May as well merge your latest thread with previous 2 asking the same question.

    You have his full name, his date of birth & regiment.
    Send off for his service records as suggested in September 2013 with that info.
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    Hi Patman,
    Do you know what his middle name was?

    Thomas ? May.


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