Father a Royal Marine in Crete - Found names and addresses

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  1. Derek Newman

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    Hi Ian

    I know that this is a few years on, but my Granddad was also in the MNBDO. He was also captured in Crete in May 1941 during the rear guard action, I think he was sent to STALAG Luff 8b prison of war camp. I have several photos the main one being of the whole unit at before they left. His name was William Mitchell most probably nicknamed Bill Mitchell he was from Cornwall.



    PS I was also in the Air Force from 1989 to 2013 I was posted to Brawdy, Brize, Lyneham, Marham and Boscombe Down.
  2. Bazooka Joe

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    Some years ago now, I remember talking to a Marine veteran who'd been evacuated from Crete, then the ship that he was on (a destroyer, I believe) was sunk. He was rescued by the Italian Navy, and was a PoW until the Italian surrender (iirc).

    Wish I'd asked him for more details at the time.
  3. Stephen Dray

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    Hi Ian

    My uncle was a sergeant in the Royal Marines and captured at Crete. Somehow he was repatriated to Egypt in 1943 (I believe in some kind of exchange) but unfortunately he died in an accident whilst in Egypt on the way to get the plane back to England, aged 26 on 17th April 1943.
    I was just wondering if he is in your list and am trying to piece together any details of what happened. I have many of his early letters to my dad from early in the war, some from Malta.
    He was known as Reg Dray, but full name was Alfred Reginald Dray and was from Bristol.
    If you have any details it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Not sure if this thread is still active but my Grand Father, Harold Merton Monks served in the same theatre at a similar time and I wondered if his name is mentioned anywhere

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    Just seen this. I wonder if a Robert Harris is mentioned in your father's info, please?
  6. Sandy_Sinclair

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    I have just redicovered this, after losing all my links when my computer failed a few (3/4 years ago).

    Many appologies to those you responded to my original posting. I also changed Internet supplier and had to create a new email and therefore login here.

    My father was Robert A L Sinclair. He was a PoW in Stalag XVIIIA, and worked on a farm for at least part of his capitivity.

    He got to Crete via South Africa, possibly on Almanzara, he talked about Table Mountain several times.

    His PoW number may have been 6235 which is on the address of a postcard he sent to my mother. It's a group of four prisoners including my father.

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