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  1. Gef

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    I would be grateful if anyone can suggest where I might learn about the wartime use of Farm Hall prior to the arrival of the ten German nuclear scientists on the 3rd July 1945.

    In my Internet searches I’ve only come across Ray Berry’s recollection that Farm Hall was requisitioned round about September or October 1942:

    BBC - WW2 People's War - "We're at War, Boys," - Part 3

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  2. Jedburgh22

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    It was used by SOE as STS 61 earlier in the war - it was used both as a safe house for despatching agents from Tempsford and Harrington and to debrief returning agents
  3. Bernard O'Connor

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    HS27-23 in the National Archive feres to SOE's T-Sections visits to Hall Farm in July and August 1944 for a film and lecture on Eureka and Rebecca - ground to air radio communication, followed by a visit to RAF Tempsford to get practice.
  4. Bernard O'Connor

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    Someone in the Huntingdon History Society told me that there were FANY's stationed their to 'entertain' the agents. A group of FANYs took them to The George in Huntingdon for a ‘slap up meal’ prior to their flight out.

    Norwegian agents were said to have planned the attack on the heavy water plant at Vermork here, using models laid out in one of the rooms.
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    Thank you Bernard.

    Gef (Geoff)
  6. Indyman

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    I'm researching Farm Hall for a new book on the Alsos Mission. Farm Hall was NOT an SOE TS (confused with Gaynes Hall). It was an SIS transit base called in 1942 when it acquired by SIS Training Billet No 1, under SIS intelligence officer Wing Commander Cautley Nasmyth-Shaw. There's more in the book.

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