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    Does anyone know about the fall of Hong Kong, please? My grandmother's cousin, Lt. Harry Hodge Scott (Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps) was wounded and one of the last to surrender (I believe on Christmas Day 1941). He then spent the rest of the war in a Japanese POW camp (on one of the islands there). He was a well qualified marine engineer. They were liberated by the Australian Army and he lived beside Sydney Harbour until his death in 1948.

    Any info much appreciated.

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    Lt Harry Hodge Scott is listed on Hong Kong War Diary as being in HK Engineer Company and hospitalised (reason not known) on 22/12/41.
    If you haven't come across the site it is:
    Hong Kong War Diary
    Depending on what information other Forum members come up with I would consider contacting Tony Banham who is an expert on Hong Kong and very helpful (email on Home page).
    For an overview of the Battle of Hong Kong have a look at
    Hope this helps you get going.

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    I was about to link Tony's site too Tim. You beat me to it.
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    Hi Gordon

    There's an account of the defence of Hong Kong (an unofficial one as you'll see) in the War Diary of the 2nd Bn The Royal Scots, who were one of the infantry battalions there at the time. There's a number of mentions of the HKVDC, which might shed some light.
    The transcribed diary is at: Royal Scots - KOSB / War Diaries (1940-1945)

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    Thanks very much for this Tim. I will look these items up.
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    Many thanks Adam, I will take a look at this.
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    Thanks Orwell, I'll try to find it.

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    Just click on the blue letters in my post....links right to the site ;):)
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    Episode 258-The Battle of Hong Kong
    by WWIIPodcast | Jul 25, 2019


    21mins - "Show notes - London had decided that Hong Kong was to be sacrificed to the Japanese, but after Canada offered up two battalions, Churchill reversed this decision. Now, the hope was that the British Colony would hold out behind the Gin Drinker's Line, manned by Canadians, Indians and the men from a Hong Kong Chinese Regiment. Still, the odds were going to be 4 to 1."

    Nb there are a number of other similar episodes after this one i.e. in this "Fall of Hong Kong" series, up to Episode 264 - also dealing with Hong Kong, but linking to them is, I think, a little tricky as things seem to get shifted down to accommodate new(er) content etc.

    Episode 264-Black Christmas: The Fall of Hong Kong
    by WWIIPodcast | Sep 16, 2019


    30mins - "Show notes - Broken by overwhelming numbers, Gen. Maltby and Gov. Young surrender the cause of Hong Kong. But in some ways, the battle over the island is just beginning, as Chinese Communists and Nationalists come together to harass the occupiers of China and Hong Kong. Then comes the tragic tale of the Lisbon Maru, full of Commonwealth POWs, sunk by an American sub."

    All-WW2-podcasts (with scroll-down) etc.


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