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    The "Occupation" of the Faroe Islands was of strategic importance that had to be conducted.

    The attached image shows the distances:

    Faroe Islands.jpg
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    my father was here with ramc,he was sectioned to the lovatt scouts in 1939, the royal marines were the first to arrive in faeroe, followed by scottish regiments, the lovatt scouts camaronians etc
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    many british men married the women they met while stationed in faeroe, some stayed there after the war, peter mcgowan, bobby brockie to name but just 2
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    several died here as well

    And at least nineteen were born as a result of the Occupation! The War Department settled 19 paternity cases against soldiers stationed on the island; there was a very high degree of...um..."fraternisation" - tho' it certainly wasn't anything you'd do with a brother!:lol:

    The Islanders were very aware of their highly limted gene pool - there have been some interesting postwar studies on the incidence of genetic disorders like MS on the Islands - and it would be fair to say that the menfolk in general...including husbands...didn't get in the way of the fraternisation.

    It was apparently a most popular posting...

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