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    I visited the Tyne and Wear Archives today and asked to see all things Home Guard related, of which I had searched the catalogue on the internet previously.
    The Archivist had to check some of the items first for personal/sensitive information. This item he would not let me see because it contained sensitive information about people that could still be alive.

    PA.NC/5/28 Item Exercise "Nightingale" 7 - 18 January 1944 [file cover is titled 'Home Guard etc Explosive Stores' and also contains one piece of correspondence on this subject
    20 November 1942]


    He did give me a clue as to its content. It contained information about security suspects, which made it all the more interesting. The reference to the Home Guard item I did see and it was an unconnected letter.
    Has anyone come across anything like this before, surely if its in an archive I should be able to see it, freedom of info etc.
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    I obtained the records held at the Devon & Cornwall Police archives about my grandfathers service with the War Reserve Police during the Plymouth blitz. They sent quite a bit of info, but some of it was blacked out, again because it mentioned peoples names who may be alive.

    I think a lot of it depends on the archivist - I've been told by some archives that they hold oral history recordings relating to the war but they do not want to publicise their existance as they don't want people asking to access them. Which begs the question, why are they even holding them?
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    There is a documentary running at the moment about all the secret recordings of captured German officers (generals) conversations at Trent Park. The recording were discovered not that long ago.

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