Ex-SS man expelled by the US

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    Posing as DPs and deceiving the authorities,many of those who facilitated the means of atrocities to be carried out,escaped from Europe into the US and Great Britain.

    Apparently for entry to the US,the Displaced Persons Act 1949 was the conduit.

    There was also the odd case of those in the von Braun group had unsavory backgrounds from service in the SS engineering disciplines associated with the V2 rocket manufacturing and development.When finally their backgrounds were discovered,they were deported back to Germany.One of them was a leading scientist by the name of Rudolph.
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    More details on the Palij case:

    In November 1943 some 6000 forced labour including Jewish people were shot by the SS. In Mid 2016 a German court found no evidence that Palij was actually involved in the shooting. Since 203 he is by German rules and regulations considered "Staatenlos" Not polish, not german, not american.
    But there is additional news from the Public Attornys office in Wuerzburg regarding what they want to do with him following his return to Germany. They also stated, if we receive new evidence, we will have a re-start. You just cannot run away from your past.
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