Ex-German World War II Weapons in the Vietnam War

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    The wonders of YouTube displayed this eighteen mins video today. It does not fit in another thread. I have only watched a little and have been diverted to domestic tasks:
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    I had a friend who had been part of MACV-SOG in the 60s. All sorts of cross border hijinks.

    One day, just before he passed, we were talking about what he considered the best weapon he used in SE Asia.

    "Schmeisser MP-40"


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    Itdan, that article has a few innacuracies notably the crucial role of Czechoslovakia. Czech factories manufactured and refurbished German designed weapons during the war. This continued Post-War with these weapons being considered better than those made under wartime conditions. The Czechs operated independently of the USSR for a while (hence selling to Israel while the USSR supplied Arab states) before becoming a puppet. In addition much of the 7.92mm mauser ammunition of the 1960s was manufactured in Czech factories.
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    Didn't the Israelis buy Me-109s from the Czechs when their State was founded?
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    "What a world! What a world!"
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    The Midnighters mentioned Israeli pilots tossing coke bottles at the Arabs, they exploded nicely when dropped from 5,000 ft.

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