Ex-England footballers RIP

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by bamboo43, Feb 12, 2019.

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    And then there were three: George, Geoff and Bobby C.
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    I had a look at this and out of all of the England players I have to confess to have never heard of `Brian Labone` . Googled him and found he was selected for the World Cup 1966 squad but dropped out because it clashed with his wedding . An Everton player ,one club man. Brian Labone collapsed in the street (24th April 2006) following a fans presentation night and died aged 66. Apologies to all Everton fans for my ignorance of this player.

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  4. TTH

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    I am very sorry to hear that Roger Hunt is gone. It's kind of appropriate that his passing should follow so soon after Greaves' death. The two men were the yin and the yang of England's forward line in '66. Greaves was brilliant but never seems to have meshed entirely with Ramsey. Hunt was yet another of the quiet, hard-working types Ramsey liked, a man who never got much credit from the critics but who got the job done nonetheless. Greaves was red-hot on the Scandinavian friendly tour just before the cup, but went flat in the first round. Hunt, by contrast, caught fire, scoring three essential goals to put England through. Roger was apparently a very modest sort, no nasty, gaudy stories or star trip whatsoever. Poor Geoff and George, they must be feeling very lonely after the toll these last couple years have taken.
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  5. Steve Mac

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    Not to forget England’s greatest player in my lifetime, Sir Bobby Charlton, who lost his brother Jack just over 1 year ago.
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    I haven't forgotten. Sad to say, though, I don't know how much he is taking in these days.
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    That’s what I read too.

    Not even a striker and scored 49 goals in 106 internationals from midfield.

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