Ex-England footballers RIP

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by bamboo43, Feb 12, 2019.

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  2. bexley84

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    7th June 1970 I remember it well...30th July 1966 not so much.
  3. kopite

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    England’s greatest keeper. Saw him play at Anfield in the 70’s. I remember reading an interview with Pele about the save Banks made against him in the 1970 World Cup, when he said “every time I watch the replay, I still expect it to go in”. One of the most famous saves ever made. RIP Gordon and thanks for the memories.
  4. Peter Clare

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    I watched him play at Stoke, a great goalkeeper and a gentleman. R.I.P Gordon
  5. Lindele

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    RIP Gordon,

    Of course I remember him when I watched the World Cup in 1966 in London being a guest in his country.

    England and their goal keepers - a night mare, except for Gordon Banks. Great man.

  6. DavidW

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    Peter Shilton: Nightmare?
    Ray Clemence: Nightmare?
    David Seaman: Nightmare?
    To name but three in my living memory.

    Gordon Banks was special.
    The only Banksy for me too.
  7. bamboo43

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    I remember in the 1970's and 1980's, when apart from Dino Zoff and Sepp Maier, all English keepers were considered the best in world: Shilton, Clemence, Parkes, Rimmer and Corrigan. Something clearly went wrong in the 1990's, oh yes, the Premiership.
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  8. Brian Smith

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    A great keeper and a man many of today's so called stars could learn how to conduct themselves both on and off the pitch from.
  9. TTH

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    I'm very sorry he's gone. He was really one of the greatest, right up there with Yachine.
  10. Oldman

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    Recall one night at Elland Road, Leeds V Stoke the reception the kop gave Gordon was tremendous chanting his name for a full 5 minutes and all Gordon did was raise his arm in acknowledgement.
    The best goalkeeper I ever had the privalige of watching
    RIP Gordon Banks
  11. bexley84

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    I remember this being sung at school or somewhere around...

    "We all agree Banks is better than Yashin, Hurst is better than Eusebio and Portugal are in for a thrashing.."

    Right on the first point, wrong on the second and, on the third, depends whether 2-1 can be described as a thrashing..... it was a night game, so I was sent to bed before the end.

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  12. bamboo43

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    It is strange how little the semi-final is shown on TV. I do remember seeing Nobby Styles dealing out some very strong challenges on Eusebio.........ouch!!
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  13. bexley84

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    The crowd weren't on the pitch.... perhaps. I don't think England have beaten Portugal since in a World Cup or European Championship - lost 4 times in a row.
  14. TTH

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    I'm now somewhat ashamed to admit this, but when I was playing as a kid I kind of took Stiles as a model. Like him, I was a little guy who could kick and not much else. I had a coach who was from Manchester and he remembered seeing Nobby around. The guy's eyesight was not great and he wore glasses with very thick lenses, which may partly account for why he kicked so many shins under the impression that he was kicking the ball.
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    You and me both, my job was to stop and annoy the other team's best player. I was quite good at it too. :moh:
  16. bamboo43

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  17. BrianHall1963

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    What a generation of players not like the Players of the Andrex league . Those guy where as skilled but not so well paid
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  18. Grasmere

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    Totally agree. As far as England goalkeepers are concerned, I thought Gordon Banks was fantastic, as was Peter Shilton. I recall Ricardo scoring an unfortunate penalty against David Seaman (can't remember if it was Euros or a World Cup tournament). Didn't think much to David James, who is obviously much later.

    I have two distinct memories of Nobby Stiles, the first watching the World Cup Final in July 1966 at Wembley when he ran round the pitch celebrating minus his dentures, and the second when I was taken to a Manchester United - Crystal Palace game at Old Trafford at the age of about 8 or 9 - the ball went into the crowd, I threw it back and Nobby Stiles caught it. Made my day. R. I. P.
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  20. Wobbler

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    Ray Clemence has sadly passed today I’ve just heard. Another legend gone.

    Sorry Owen, I must have still been typing as you were pressing enter.
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