Book Review Ever your own, Johnnie. Britain , 1938-42

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    Author. Nick Kemp
    Self published.

    This book contains the edited WW2 letters of R.S.M. John Kemp who served in the Royal Artillery, starting as a volunteer in the TA in 1938, before working his way up through the ranks over the period of the war. It also contains some very interesting scene setting, around the conditions leading up to war, the structure of an artillery battery and the weaponry used. This book is actually the first in a set of 3 spanning the military career of John Kemp over the war years.

    I purchased this particular book as I have been researching my late fathers wartime experience and the subject initially served in the same outfit, 88th Regiment HAA battery 282. I found the book to be very interesting and useful in my research even though John Kemp was only in the 88th until August 1940. The personal letters of John Kemp give a real insight into the mentality of the troops who served. The author's notes also add context and allow the reader to follow John's movement's. All in all, a really good read if you have an interest in this period of the war or the Regiments that John served in.

    Rating 4 out of 5

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