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    Hi Everyone,
    I have just been contacted by someone who passed on details about the 75th Anniversary of Operation Goodwood at Bannerville la Campagne Military Cemetery on June 7, 2019, (I know they have got the date too early) in the presence of more than 1,500 people, including schoolchildren, . They will put flowers on each grave, there will be military fanfares and songs interpreted by the children. The glass of friendship and peace will be served at the stud farm of Manneville.

    On 8 and 9 June, in Grentheville, will be exhibited documentary and material exhibitions, exchanges with witnesses of the time, musical concerts by military bands and youth dawn.

    If you are there please go along especially if you have a relative , as I do, plus being a fan of Rex Whistler, also buried there.

    We are there two weeks later .grrrrrrrrrrr

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    I always find it awkward when they shunt the Anniversary dates forward in line with 6 June. Yes its easier as any remaining vets are there but... it does seriously skew popular perception to everything being centred around 6 June.
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    Not only vets I suppose but also anyone travelling to commemorate the events of that summer.
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    but at least they are commemorating
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