Ethnic Cleansing in Europe

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    From a global stand point of you, WW2 ended with an ethnic cleansing on a very large scale.

    In Asia, the colonial British Empire was split to form the succession states of India and Pakistan

    The plan was to form two states with basically on distinct religion only..

    In 1947/48 escape and exchange of 20 Million Hindus and Moslem lead to a lot of to and fro between both states.

    In Europe the displacement of the Germans resulted in about 15 Million victims and probably to one of the largest ethnic cleansing after WW2.
    Up until today, there is trouble and debates in all countries involved.
    Any thoughts how to overcome this situation?

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    Don't try - If you pick it it'll never heal. It's not all the same problem anyway - there is a difference between religious intolerance and racialism. Moving huge numbers of people around on religious or ethnic grounds will always store up long term issues and keeping on trying to move them back only makes it worse. It's a long term issue of education and social engineering.
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