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    Doing some research for friend who lost Uncle, M101517 Pte W.H. Hetherington Killed in action 20 Feb 1945, just wondering if any one knows where the Essex were fighting, Feb 1945, or if anyone has war diaries for them during that period, any help greatly appreciated.

    Regards Bob R.
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    His CWGC details show he is buried in Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery:

    Casualty Details

    However, the new documents recently added to the CWGC pages, show that William was originally and temporarily buried at Bedburg in Germany. See attached.

    I'm sure that this detail will help other forum members close in on his probable pathway with the Essex Scottish Regiment.

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    thanks for the info

    Bob R.
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    There's a map in this book showing where they were.
    Near the beginning.
    Forgotten Victory

    Also another map some info in a book I have, Rhineland by WD & S Whitaker, bit late now to get scanner going.

    edit: , further to what I said above, here's a better map showing where they were. south of Louisendorf.
    read this chapter bits between 487 & 488>>> HyperWar: The Victory Campaign [Chapter 18]
    They were counter-atatcked by 116 Panzer Division

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    Pte William Hewitt Hetherington was killed at a place called Bedburg, Germany (Cleve Map 932527).

    Circumstances behind his death, whether sniper, artillery, etc, not given.


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    thanks to all, excellent info, much appreciated


    Bob R.
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    It appears the February 20th, 1945 was a rough day for the battalion. I have attached the war diary entry for that date.

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    once again, thank you to all for your information, greatly appreciated, exactly what I was looking for and more


    Bob R.

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