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    Thought it be ok to put post this in the thread even though this post is about Liberation reports.

    I was at Kew last week looking at the Liberation reports looking for some paratroopers captured in Normandy.

    In WO 208/3328-3335 (1-1908 - Book binding) each book has an appendix of names in the front who have been recorded from all three services, names marked with a + and are not in the book volumes.

    I then checked the files in WO 208/3336-3340 (1-1882 - file form) which are duplicates but could not find copies of the liberation forms.

    Does anybody by any chance have copies of these reports, I am hoping to find these missing forms. There is one I was looking for in particular was of Lt. Winston 45 Commando who dropped with the paras on D-Day as liaison officer he does not have an escape or evasion report even though he was in the Normandy countryside evading for a few months.

    Anybody have any idea where I can find these missing reports?
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