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    Thought it be ok to put post this in the thread even though this post is about Liberation reports.

    I was at Kew last week looking at the Liberation reports looking for some paratroopers captured in Normandy.

    In WO 208/3328-3335 (1-1908 - Book binding) each book has an appendix of names in the front who have been recorded from all three services, names marked with a + and are not in the book volumes.

    I then checked the files in WO 208/3336-3340 (1-1882 - file form) which are duplicates but could not find copies of the liberation forms.

    Does anybody by any chance have copies of these reports, I am hoping to find these missing forms. There is one I was looking for in particular was of Lt. Winston 45 Commando who dropped with the paras on D-Day as liaison officer he does not have an escape or evasion report even though he was in the Normandy countryside evading for a few months.

    Anybody have any idea where I can find these missing reports?
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    I have a newspaper article saying my uncle, 3768768 Sgt Dennis Henry Rowland 3 RTR was captured at Sidi Rezegh in NOV 1941 by the Germans and then after a fortnight's captivity escaped then being mentioned in despatches.

    So far, I have not found any evidence to show that this is correct.

    Any suggestions please

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    You could try searching the Gazette for mention of his MID
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    Researching an MiD is notoriously difficult, often they are not even mentioned in the LG - perhaps others might have done a search and given you details that there is or isnt a mention for him - there is a book somewhere that does I am told list the MiD's awarded, and it might be worth a search through this site as I think a member has a copy but I cannot recall who that is'

    There are numerous threads on here about the problems of finding 'citations' for them, and I believe they were awarded for 'good service' over a period of time rather than any specific action or event. Having said that many E&E's did receive them for their efforts


    Nice find alieneyes - looks like Bob needs to sharpen his LG search skills
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    Only joined the site yesterday and have already found some useful info in this thread. Thought it would be appropriate to post this here - portions from the front and back of the interview form instructing evaders what they could say about their experience. My Uncle Les wrote in his capture memoir that he was interviewed by MI5, but this IS9 number makes sense now with what I read earlier in this thread.

    I.S.9  capture document - front.jpg

    I.S.9 capture document - back.jpg
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    Thanks more good stuff.

    Still trying to find out more about my uncle, 3768768 Sgt Dennis Henry Rowland MM 3 RTR who was captured at Sidi Rezegh in November 1941 and escaped after a fortnight in captivity to get back to 3 RTR.

    Any ideas please/

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    Details from his MM Sale
    Lot 311
    Date of Auction: 4th July 2001

    Sold for £700
    Estimate: £400 - £500

    Medals to the Royal Tank Regiment from the Collection of Bill Green
    A Western Desert M.M. group of four awarded to Sergeant Dennis Rowland, 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, killed in action in Tunisia in April 1943

    Military Medal, G.VI.R. (3768768 A.Sjt., R. Tank R.); 1939-45 Star; Africa Star, clasp, 8th Army; War Medal, nearly extremely fine
    M.M. London Gazette 18 February 1943.

    “Sgt Rowland has at all times shown a complete disregard for his personal safety, and on occasions although heavily outnumbered, by his courage and undaunted aggressive spirit has rallied his section and led them into the attack. By his actions, he has at all times set a high example to his men and displayed powers of leadership of a very high order.”

    Sergeant Dennis Rowland was killed in action at Wadi Akarit, Tunisia, on 7 April 1943, and is commemorated on the Medjez el Bab Memorial.
    The lot is accompanied by a copy of Taming the Panzers - 3 Royal Tank Regiment at War by Patrick Delaforce, and a photograph of Rowland’s memorial

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    Thanks Kyle

    I have got this but want to find out more about his time in North Africa and in the desert. I am particularly interested in his capture and escape in November 1941 as I cannot find anything anywhere save the newspaper clipping telling of it.


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    Hi Dave, thanks for the medal award application which was put up by Lt Col Pete Pyman. I see it was for a DCM and was down graded by somebody in higher authority to MM.


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    Thanks Robet-w, I could not find anything on the Gazette and havew a TNA query in which has not been answered I guess because of lockdown.


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    Just looking through the forum when I came across this thread and whilst I know it was originally posted in 2010 I thought my post may be of interest. Included on the list is my great uncle
    Sgt Edward Jones 138 SD Halifax LL183 FTR SOE mission May 44 - sheltered by maquis until liberated Aug 44. I have attached a photograph that came from a photograph album that at one time belonged to a member of the maquis group who sheltered my uncle and crewmates for 3 months. He is shown with the maquis in the forest holding his glass up. I knew he had been helped and was looking for a photograph of the farmhouse he also stayed in. I almost fell off my chair when I found this photograph and several others of him and his crewmates with the maquis. Whilst with the maquis they carried out several sabotage missions and narrowly escaped capture on a couple of occassions. The man who now owns the album very kindly sent me the photographs.

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