Escape and Evasion

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    Not sure if this has been posted before, but there are some interesting stories on the link.

    After the defeat of France in June 1940 thousands of British prisoners of war were marched north, through France and Belgium, on their way to prison camps in eastern Germany. Many escaped and hid on farms in the Flemish countryside. From there they were taken to Brussels where groups of friends, who were the first roots of the famous Comete Line, tried to arrange their safe passage home. This is the story of their experiences and of the people who helped them.
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    I'll save, saving it to fav-our-ites... Done!
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    Enjoyed that last night.
    On a different period/area; We have a gent that joined recently who was shot down on his way to Stuttgart and 'evaded' on foot via the Pyrenees & Spain to get back to blighty.
    No names, no pack drill, but hopefully he'll share his full story with us all one day.

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    That is a really interesting link Peter.

    Hopefully Adam that story will be told here. Can only imagine the experiences he went through.

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