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    If you've seen any of my other posts you'll know I'm trying to document each of the casualties on the villages war memorial. I'm trying to trace an E. A. Ball and having looked at local births registered in an 18 year window has rationed it down two possible births, one in 1918 and one (the more likely given his middle name) in 1919.

    (bare with me) This has helped ration the E. Ball's listed on the CWGC site to two possible candidates - a Private with the York and Lancaster Regiment and a Petty Officer on board HMS Janus. Both fit the age range but this latter chap was awarded the DSM and figure with this award he's the best to focus on initially to eliminate him as a possible. I know the London Gazette used to carry details of DCM's in the Great War, is there anything similar for WW2?
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    Ernest Ball
    Died 23 Jan 44 - HMS Janus
    Rating Petty Officer
    Number P/SSX 19857

    Panel 81, Column 2 Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire, United Kingdom

    DSM London Gazette 25 August 1942, Leading Seaman, HMS Anthony. "For the surrender of Diego Suarez" (Battle of Madagascar) p.3716

    "On 23 January 1944 Janus was struck by one Fritz X guided bomb dropped by a German He 111 torpedo bomber and sank off the Anzio beachhead in western Italy (according to another version, she was sunk by Henschel Hs 293 glider bomb or a conventional torpedo – see Fritz X article). It took a mere twenty minutes for Janus to sink. Of her crew only 80 survived, being rescued by HMS Laforey and smaller craft. It was recorded that during her last duty Janus had laid down nearly 500 salvos of 4.7-inch shells in the first two days of the landings in support of allied troops." (Wikipedia)
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    "The D.S.M. 1939-1946" by W.H. Fevyer

    For bravery and enterprise while serving in H.M. ships, transports and Royal fleet auxiliaries in the successful operations which led to the surrender of the important base of Diego Suarez.

    LG 25.8.1942. pp3715/6


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    Ernest Ball was serving on HMS ANTHONY when he received his DSM for The Surrender of Diego Suarez.
    He was Leading Seaman and his Service Number was P/SSX 19857
    His award is shown in LG Gazette 35679 page 3716 date 25 August 1942
    He died on 23 January 1944 when Petty Officer P/SSX 19857 on HMS JANUS
    He is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 81, Column 2

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    Many thanks all. The local newspaper carried news of his death and it turns out I was barking up the correct tree after all. Ernie Ball DSM is indeed my man. Thanks for your contributions.

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