EMS Hospital 185 June 1944

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    I am researching a soldier wounded on D Day. He was receiving treatment for his wounds at EMS185. Does anyone have a list of EMS hospitals in Britain post D-Day?
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    Would this make sense ??

    Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle

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    Looking through TNA it might be worth contacting Ministry of Health, I would assume they have archives etc but did find this on TNA search

    MH 76 1935-1970 Ministry of Health: Emergency Medical Services and related bodies: Registered Files (EMS, 99,000 and other Series), Circulars and Second World War Medical History Papers
    This series comprises registered files of the Emergency Medical Services mainly of the period 1935-1953 with particular reference to the Second World War. The subjects covered include hospitals and first aid posts, personnel, supplies, equipment and specialized services. Also contains departmental files of correspondence relating to evacuation, refugees, rest centres, air raid shelters, medical history of war, and the planning of measures for the prevention and relief of wartime distress. Drafts and papers used in the preparation of the Official Medical History of the Second World War are also included.


    edited to add :
    Browse records of other archives | The National Archives

    there is also within that - Emergency Hospitals | The National Archives
    Emergency Hospitals
    Reference: Subseries within MH 76
    Title: Emergency Hospitals
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    It could be right?
    He was from Dundee and the newspaper report just states he is in a hospital in the South.
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    Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle | The National Archives

    This link has a reference to :
    HO.RVI/185/1-4 Views of hospital nd. (1900s)

    (4 photographs)

    RVI being Royal Victoria Infirmary

    He said shrugging his shoulders hoping you will understand that I dont really know what I am talking about here, but I guess you dont know either :-P

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    Newcastle = 'the South'? Does the South get a vote on this? ;)

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