Emmerich Railway Bridge

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    From my great-Grandfather's collection of his WW2 photographs he took. One is labeled "Emmerich Rhine Railway Bridge". I have been attempting to locate it, using the church in the background as reference,
    I am assuming the church is St.Vitus Church , which looking on a Cycling route website (The Best Route Planner for Cycling, Walking, Hiking and Running | Komoot) found a image, which shows the church is viewable around that location with the correct orientation, and there is a small bridge the 'Griethausener Eisenbahnbr├╝cke' south of the river heading that way.

    what do you recon, Am I in the right place?


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    Yes I think that's the one.

    All the best

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    There is a 1944 map you can download here.

    Emmerich, Eastern Holland. 1:25,000. Map Sheet 4103, 3rd Edition, Defence Overprint, December 1944

    Scholars GeoPortal
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