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Discussion in 'The Brigade of Guards' started by keithlockwood, Apr 25, 2014.

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    About 18 months ago I posted a question regarding the 'Unit Code' X21 on my late father's Coldstream Guards Service Record. He was posted to this 'Unit' twice for roughly two weeks each time

    I have not been able to find the answer yet, but I have noticed that each posting has an Order/Authority reference and hope to work this out by finding the original order..

    The references are

    5BEO 142/44
    5BEO 150/44

    I assume this reference means "5th Battalion Emergency/Executive Order (No.)/Year.

    Can anyone confirm or correct this analysis.

    And does anyone know if these records still exist and if so where they are kept ?
  2. dbf

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    I'm afraid I have no idea if your interpretation of the abbreviation, etc is correct.

    A lot of the notes/codes in service records remain an absolute mystery to me.

    Have you tried asking the Archivist at RHQ CG?
  3. keithlockwood

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    Thanks for the speedy response - I will give this a try and then post how I get on.

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