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    OK, So I think that Medloc is Meditarranean Lines of Communication, but can anyone else shed any light on the other items in this document for me please.
    • SEORET - ?
    • ."..for passengers less than five in number. " Why?
    • Serial number of unit...RM - never seen RM before
    • In lieu of A.F.W 3060 ?
    Did a quick google but nothing - help appreciated thank you.


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    30 Field Regiment were part 4 Div and went to Greece in December 1944. So this was either issued when he left Greece or maybe after a short stop in Italy.

    This an embarkation card to return Gunner Reggie Dennis Furness to the UK so he can be released from the Army. The authority to move is dated as November 1945. This ties in with his attestation details on FMP stating he was released on 02 March 1946. He would present this to the embarkation officer as he boarded the ship.

    AFW is the abbreviation for Army Form:

    Army Embarkation Forms:

    A.F. W.5169 (Parties over 5 and vehicles)

    A.F. W.3060 (Parties under 5)

    This Card is not a standard AFW 3060 and therefore is being used instead of or "in lieu".

    As you guessed MEDLOC stands for Meditarranean Lines of Communication and is the transport and infrastructure put in place to get troops back in to UK for leave and release and out again from UK as reinforcements. Each route has a given letter. In this case 'B'.

    Each route would involve ships, trains and Troops Carrying Vehicles (TCVs).


    RM is probably a unique two letter code so that you don't have to type "30 field regiment, Royal Artillery" on the form every time. Probably useful on big unit deployments moving hundreds of men.

    Hope this helps


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  3. is simply SECRET :rolleyes:
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    Gus - thank you, most helpful.
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    Thanks for not going to hard on me :salut:

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