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    Hi Everyone

    I have found a captured Operation Order for a failed attempt to attack and destroy the RAF aifield at Kalamaki/Hassani in Greece on 26 December 1944, in amongst a ORB for 108 Sqn (Air 27/851). It was written on behalf of an un-named ELAS Lt-Colonel, probably one of the HQ staff officers on 2nd ELAS Div.

    In it it does not use the conventional phraseology for small infantry formations, ie platoons, squads, etc. It uses "Battle Groups". As these only have 2 TSMGs and 2 Heavy MGs each, this is not a big formation.

    Has anyone heard of this phraseology before? Has anyone any idea of the numbers we are talking about?


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    Perhaps the first question is whether or not it's a literal translation (cf kampfgruppe) of the Greek or an anglicised interpretation? 'Fighting patrol' or 'raiding party' might be amore comfortable fit.

    The British Army of the 1980s used the term 'battle group' for a battalion/regiment-sized mix of infantry and armour (essentially an armoured brigade and an infantry brigade would swap a unit or two). 'Combat team' was similarly used for a company or squadron HQ with a mix of tank troops and infantry platoons.
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    I've edited ELAS into thread title.
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    You are right. Never thought it could just be lost in translation.

    I have a contact in Athens who might be able to help.

    Unfortunately I don't have the original.


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