Egypt. 10th June 1940

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    That's great David!

    I will study it in detail when I have time tomorrow morning.

    Thank you!
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    Thanks for the advice Adreas, worked like a charm...

    Joslen orbat for 30 June 1940 via Nafziger Collection.

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    Can I then ask the whereabouts of the 2nd Battalion 5th Maharattas Light Infantry Regiment as I thought that they were present in Egypt on 10th June 1940.
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    Thanks Mark. That looks like Steve Rothwell's work that Mr George has collated.
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    No, it's Joslin.

    Many people have claimed it as 'their' work over the years.

    Edited to add.

    Joslin was a LtCol, so the probably the work of a bunch of national servicemen under the direction of a regular corporal with Joslin's signature attached at the end. :wink:
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    The 2nd Battalion 5th Mahratta Light Infantry was garrisoning Aden at the time. It was involved in the withdrawal from British Somaliland in August 1940.

    OC Army Troops, Aden – 3 September 1939 to 23 August 1940
    The battalion sent a company to Aden before the start of war. It embarked at Bombay for Aden on March 16th, 1939 and arrived on March 23rd. The rest of the battalion embarked on August 4th, 1939 and the battalion was located at Aden under the Aden Protectorate Force at the outbreak of war. It prepared seaward and landward defences as well as manning defences and guarding the airfield.
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    Should the Egyptian Army be counted? Would they welcome or fight the Axis?

    Egyptian Army 1940

    1st Egyptian Anti-Aircraft Brigade - two 3in AA batteries
    2nd Egyptian Searchlight Regiment - 24 searchlights
    2nd Egyptian Infantry Brigade - two infantry battalions
    Egyptian Coastal Artillery (Alexandria) - 4 X 6in, 4 X 4in guns

    Mersa Matruh
    The Egyptian Mobile Force - Original British plans included these units under command of a detachment from 7 Armoured Division
    light car regiment
    light tank squadron
    light (3.7in howitzer) battery
    anti-tank battery
    machine gun company

    1st Egyptian Infantry Brigade - two rifle battalions
    one machine gun battalion
    1st Egyptian Light Regiment - 3.7in howitzer
    2nd Egyptian Anti-Aircraft Regiment - two 3in AA batteries; one 3.7in AA battery
    unknown Egyptian searchlight detachment - 16 searchlights

    Mersa Matruh & LoC - Grn (?)
    1st Egyptian Machine Gun Brigade - two machine gun battalions

    Egyptian Artillery
    two field batteries
    one medium battery
    two antitank batteries
    section antiaircraft artillery (3in)

    unknown Egyptian antiaircraft detachment(s) - 2 X Bofors, 1 X 3.7in, 6 X searchlight (guns/SLs or detachments?)

    The Sudan - Port Sudan
    3rd Egyptian Infantry Brigade - either two companies 'of' or two companies 'and' 3 Egypt Bde
    one Egyptian Coast Artillery battery - unknown

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