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  1. My father was taken in 42 at tobruk. I know the camp he was in in Poland. Also that he was on the long March. I also know that he was in a camp in Germany but not which one. He was liberated by the Americans .once they saw he was a medic he went with them to liberate one of the death camps. Again I don't know which one
    Any help would be gratefully received
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    From your other (Adey) thread - added to avoid others duplicating what is known so far.
    Edwin Alfred
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    A camp in Poland? I hope the pesident of poland does not read this.
    if it was a camp like Posen )Poznan today), I am sure we will find it.
    Was he an officer?
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    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: E A Downing
    Rank: Private
    Army Number: 7346380
    Regiment: Royal Army Medical Corps
    POW Number: 31721
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: VIII-B
    Camp Location: Cieszyn, Poland
    Record Office: Royal Army Medical Corps and Army Dental Corps Record Office, Colet Court, Hammersmith, London, W6
    Record Office Number: 30

  6. Many thanks

    I do remember him saying initial camp was in Italy. Then csiezny Poland.then long March to final camp in Germany

    Many thanks
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    Your csiezny above may be Teschen?

    From Wikipedia - In 1943, the Lamsdorf camp was split up, and many of the prisoners (and Arbeitskommando) were transferred to two new base camps Stalag VIII-C Sagan (modern Żagań and Stalag VIII-D Teschen (modern Český Těšín). The base camp at Lamsdorf was renumbered Stalag 344.

    You will get full chapter an verse on his POW movements if you apply to ICRC in Switzerland when the next enquiry window opens 14th May. Please be aware that you need to be quick on the draw to submit an application as the window closes after 72/96 hours max.

    Requests for information about people held during the Spanish Civil War or the Second World War: Quarterly limit reached

    Good Luck



    ICRC website appears to have been revamped recently so that all previous links to the POW application process in similar forum topics are broken.
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  8. Many thanks
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    Following on from Steve (Tullybrone)'s reference to Wiki, you might be pleased to note this aspect:
    The hospital facilities at Stalag VIII-B were among the best in all Stalags. The so-called Lazarett was set up on a separate site with eleven concrete buildings. Six of them were self-contained wards, each with space for about 100 patients. The others served as treatment blocks with operating theaters, X-ray and laboratory facilities, as well as kitchens, a morgue, and accommodations for the medical staff.

    The lazarett was headed by a German officer with the title Oberst Arzt ("Colonel Doctor"), but the staff was made up entirely of prisoners. They included general physicians and surgeons, even a neurosurgeon, psychiatrist, anesthesiologist and radiologist.
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    Here is his name on the WO391/21 listing, it confirms his presence at camp PG-70 Monteurano in Italy.

    Downing EA. 2.jpg
  11. That's my dad
  12. I wonder if my dad being ramc was a member of staff
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    That was my thought, hence the bolding.
  14. Where could I find out
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    Check out post 7

    It may also be that he filled in a Liberation Questionnaire after his release - see another site members website - Archive Research - www.arcre.com


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