Edward "Edek" Hartry born Edward Henrik Herzbaum

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    Interesting article here

    The house that Edek built

    Edward Hartry was born Edward Henrik Herzbaum in 1920, son of a Polish Jewish family then living in Vienna.

    The Herzbaums moved back to Poland in the 1930s and settled in Lodz, where Edward enrolled as an architecture student.

    He was 19 when Nazi Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union launched almost simultaneous invasions and tore up Poland between them, in 1939.

    Edward's mother feared for her only child and sent him eastwards to hide in the city of Lvov.

    Agents from the NKVD - the Soviet secret police - caught Edward in June 1940.

    He was one of more than a million Polish men, women and children forced into cattle trains and deported in order to obliterate the Polish state.

    some of his sketches, see article for more info and images ...
    Advancing toward Monte Cassino, 1944

    Corpse of a German soldier near Monte Cassino, June 1944

    Mortar shelling at Portella, 1944

    Air crew in Italy, 1944

    Soldiers at leisure, deck of the SS Marine Raven, 1946

    Lost Between Worlds by Edward Herzbaum - Home

    krysmew’s albums | Flickr
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