Edmund Clarence Rogers

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    Hello Everyone,

    I hope that you are all well.

    I am researching my Grandfather, who I have found served in the Auxiliary Force India during the 1930s (Bengal, Baroda & Central India Railway Regiment) - I have a photo of him in his uniform in Calcutta, the city where he also married my Grandmother in 1935.

    During WW2 he served in Singapore, narrowly escaping, then in Burma for the rest of the war (that is all my family know, his daughter, my Mother, said he rarely ever spoke about it).

    I am a bit stuck and wondered if anyone can help me in identifying his regiment from a photograph my mother gave me. It is hard to nail it down but wondered if anyone can identify it. Also I can't seem to find any patches that look like the one on his pith helmet in the photograph. He clearly joined a regular regiment during the war as he was a paid volunteer during the 1930s in India.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer or where best to ask for uniform identification.

    Kind Regards, Matthew

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    Hello Matthew and welcome.
    Best just post your request on just one thread and I am sure other members will be along soon to reply to your first request on the other thread.
    See here:
    Edmund Clarence Rogers

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    Hi Lesley, thank you - I will see to that now. All the very best.

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