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  1. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    If your in the area of Yorkshire then a visit to Eden Camp is well worth it.


    I spent the day there and was dragged away :)

    Its an original world war 2 camp with about 30 huts, each dedciated to specific parts of the war, some examples:

    Hut One - The Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party
    Hut Three - The U-Boat Menace
    Hut Five - The Blitz
    Hut Eight - Women at War
    Hut Nine - Bomber Command Operations Room and Escape Lines
    Hut Ten - The Prisoner of War
    Hut Thirteen - The Post War Conflicts, (Opened October 1999) -M-
    Hut Eighteen - War News Reading Room, (Opened 2000)
    Hut Nineteen - Garrison Cinema Bar
    Hut Twenty - Conscription

    There is much to see, read and smell (yes smell) they even attempt to authenticate the smells in each hut as well, so whether your in a ww2 sweet shop, the blitz, in a submarine or anywhere in the camp you can smell what it would have been like, not that I was there during the war but it certainly did smell as I thought it might.

    The camp is very well organised, you start at hut 1 and work your way around, finally finishiing with the holocaust and a very fitting chapel to honour those that fell.

    So check it out you wont be disappointed. A much fuller review ill be in the newsletter this month.
  2. Gnomey

    Gnomey World Travelling Doctor

    Looks interesting Lee. If I am ever in the area I would make sure of a visit.
  3. spidge


    Well done Lee.

    A step back in time.
  4. MalcolmII

    MalcolmII Senior Member

    A great place. I liked the T34 myself - in fact I liked EVERYTHING.
  5. Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson Member

    Will make a visit on my trip to York in a few weeks.

    Thanks for the tip.

  6. Mark Hone

    Mark Hone Senior Member

    I visited a few years ago and some of the displays were showing distinct signs of wear and tear. Has it been spruced up since then? I went on a recce for a possible school trip but it's beyond my preferred radius for a day trip from Bury, more's the pity, as it's a very interesting site.
  7. ypresman

    ypresman Member

    I went to York, 2yrs ago, to see various things, ie the Viking centre. I had heard of Eden camp, but didn't really plan to visit, due to the lack of time. I was planning the day in Flamingo Land, as I have 4 kids, then we passed the signs on the way there.
    'Hold on kids, just a quick look', I said...the groans went up from the back.
    We went on to spend the whole day there...absolutely brilliant. Kids loved it. Very educational and being on a former Prisoner of War site, makes it somewhat more interesting.
    Have enclosed of few pics of the day, with the family...
  8. Wise1

    Wise1 There We Are Then

    It not changed much :)
  9. ypresman

    ypresman Member

    I think things have changed a tad...my daughter is now morphed into a boy..... :D
    Here you can take your pick from the other three..... images/smilies/default/biggrin.gif
    Good swap I say....
  10. plant-pilot

    plant-pilot Senior Member

    It looks like a good day out, but it's a pity that they seem to have got details wrong. What's going on with the headset on the dummy Radio Op in the second picture? o_O
  11. ypresman

    ypresman Member

    Hope you all had a good Christmas.
    This, I think, is a good day out and excellent for all.
    Mr Plant-Pilot:
    Not being much of an expert on headsets of WW2, can you explain what is wrong with them?
    Obviously they differ from the ground crew to the air crew, but what is the difference?
    I only ask as I don't know..
    Many thanks

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