Ecole Militaire

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    today 270 years ago this Military Academy was initiated by Madame Pompadour.
    This is the oldest Academy of its kind world wide I believe.
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    St Cyr is now located at Coetquidan, south west of Rennes having been transferred from Paris after the war ended. A result of Napoleon's "investment" into France's military power in the early 19th century.

    It is within a large military camp complex and has a museum which can be visited by the general public. Many years ago I had a very good look round the general military area as best as restrictions would allow.

    TD.... I was thinking about you in making up this post concurrently with yours and thought that you would have also visited St Cyr.
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    St Cyr was about 30 - 40 mins drive from where I used to live, just off the N24 the main 'middle road' through Brittany. Its a lovely place to visit, and just south of Paimpont which was where De Gaulle was born and brought up or at least he lived there for sometime and his wife was evacuated from there via the north coast across to UK in 1940

    I can recommend a wonderful restaurant in Paimpont


    Only open I think between April and end Sept - they cook steaks and other meat on an outdoor barbeque - the best steak I have eaten in France, and be careful their desserts are massive

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    The Ecole Militaire is the French Staff College on the Champs de Mars in Paris.

    St Cyr is the training school for commissioning officers.

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