EasyTech games - Lack of Historical accuracy?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Morar Andrei, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Morar Andrei

    Morar Andrei Active Member

    A few months ago, EasyTech released World Conqueror 4, in which I found some problems about histirical accuray. Maybe I'm over-reacting or I have huge claims due to my passion foe WW2 vehicles. If they are doing a new game (and it looks so), at least three should be a bit more historical accuracy: in WC3 and WC4 I don't want to look stupid, but why do we have Tigers and Panthers in 1939? There could be cooler is they added some new one models, accurate at least for 1939 like Panzer II, Panzer III and maybe as heavy the Gro├čtracktor for Germany as an example. Same story about Churchills, Cromwells and the american heavy (M103), again in 1939. That could be more diversed if they introduce like some sub-classes for each kind of tank (example 1939 light tank, then 1943 light tank and 1950 light tank and so on for the other ones). At least for a bit of historical accuracy and diversity of vehicles. During campaign mode, it would make a bit more like a chalindge, to make it more realistic, for you being necessary to create better tanks as the war goes on, but still with the possibility to buy older models, instead of just upgrading the same "generic" tank.Another nice feature would be to introduce tank destroyers. Who agrees? Also, as War Master already mentioned, there should me more models for infantry, artillery and tanks, because I'm sure not all countries used same tech. My country, Romania, as an example, alongside with some German tanks that don't appear in these two base games, they also tried to create their own, pretty unique. Not just Romania, but Hungary, Sweden, Canada and others too.
  2. Prostero

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    I notice these things all the time too. I've learned to ignore it though. I do wish that devs pay more attention to historcal accuracy but I understand that that's kind of too much to ask, especially of the independent teams with tight budgets.
  3. Morar Andrei

    Morar Andrei Active Member

    I don't think EasyTech is a small company, since they already created a lot of games. Maybe a bit of the fault is because the are a Chinese company, and possibly their level of knowledge is resumed to these tanks. But I still think that to put a M103 as a WW2 Tank is a bit too much. That's why I have another topic on the gaming section where I'm looking for opinions because I decided to create a WW1/WW2 game but myself. Hop to eventually get it done! It's still on the planning stage.

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