Eastern Command -Exercise Scorch December 1941

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  1. 64 LAA R.A.

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    Researching father's war record in 64 LAA Regiment / 191 LAA Battery Royal Artillery and note they were involved in Eastern Command exercise 'Scorch' December 6th and 7th 1941 but cannot find any info on 'scorch' What was this exercise about?

    Anybody out there any knowledge about this exercise in Wittering would be most grateful for any replies.
  2. Tricky Dicky

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    Hi 64

    I know from reading through the War Diaries of my fathers regiment (UK based) that they did an amazing number of exercises between 1939 and 1944, tailing off as the invasion of Europe gained ground - something in the region of 50 or so in number.

    I did find this on exercise 'Scorch' and it would have been a 'normal' type of exercise to ready the various services -

    "The anti invasion exercise was "SCORCH" held from 14 hs on Saturday, December 6 to sunset on Sunday, December 7,1941.
    In this exercise, which roughly covered an area within a line bounding Lowestoft-Bicester-Basingstoke-Sheerness, units of Army Co operation and Fighter Command, dreopped parachete containers respresenting groups of airbone troops, and provided additional attacking and defending aircraft respectively……...…

    found it here - http://forum.keypublishing.com/archive/index.php/t-83324.html

    Hope it helps, perhaps a read through the regiments war diaries for that period may explain more.

  3. 64 LAA R.A.

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    Thanks TD.
    I have the war diary for 64 LAA Regiment from National Archive, that is where I found this reference to Scorch. I shall search you link for more info so I can make dad's record more interesting.

    If there are any other folks out there researching 64 LAA Rgt + 191 LAA Battery I have war diaries for them from 1940 - 1945. I can let you have the file numbers
  4. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Hi 64

    Just checking back through the notes I made on my fathers time and an inkling about another big exercise that happened in March 1943 - Operation/Exercise Spartan, which was the main topic of another thread on here - http://ww2talk.com/forums/topic/7543-exercise-spartan/?hl=%2Boperation+%2Bspartan#entry345608 - as you are probably aware they were all exercises/training concerning the defence of the UK against German invasion.

    In fact from my notes my father was involved in 24 separate exercises in 1942 alone - some being signal exercises, some being more wholesale and involving the whole division.


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