Early Sunday Morning at Ginkel'sHeath

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    Made a bicycle tour to the 'Schaapskooi' (sheep cote) at Ginkel's Heath, scene of the 4th Parachute Brigade's landing (DZ-Y) during the Battle for Arnhem. It was lovely autumn weather with the sun full out.

    Just some impressions:

    The 'Schaapskooi at the north eastern edge of Ginkel's Heath. The wild boars were out last night and have ruined the lawn.

    Opposite the Schaapskooi, across the road from Arnhem to Ede, the Zuid Ginkel café.

    Ginkel's Heath looking westwards from the 'Schaapskooi'. In the foreground was the RV area of 10th Parachute Battalion, further back the one of the 156th Parachute Battalion. To the left the road to Ede. The para drop at Ginkel's Heath took place on the second day of the operation, Monday 18 Sept 1944.

    Of all the landing- and dropzones DZ-Y at the Ginkel's Heath was the farthest to the west of Arnhem.
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    The Airborne Memorial at Ginkel's Heath
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    The badge of the KOSB is also on the Airborne Memorial; the 7th King's Own Scottish Borders, of 1st Airlanding Brigade, landed in gliders on the first day of the Airborne Operation. It had the mission of protecting the Drop Zone on the Ginkel's Heath. Unfortunately the landing of the 4th Parachute Brigade was not unopposed, the area was far to extended to be protected by a single battalion, German troops had infiltrated close to the Drop zone and fired at the landing parachutists.

    Map Ginkelse Heide.jpg
    Map of the parachute drop (with the RCV points of the Para Bn's encircled) and the defensive positions of the 4th KOSB for Sept, 18th, 44 (courtesy Middlebrook: Arnhem 1944, the Airborne Battle).

    Memorial Plaque at the Schaapskooi; it contains an aerial of a burning Ginkel's Heath taken on Sept 18th, 1944.

    See also:
    55. Slag om de Ginkelse Heide
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    piece of autumn

    ... made a bicycle tour from here with a couple of friends to the Arnhem bridge, following the route taken by John Frost's 2nd Parachute Battalion (LION route); acting as guide, I forgot to make pictures ... stupid me!!

    Will have to redo ...
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    super pictures stolpi, i will be over in that same area this coming weekend 6th to the 9th october with another fellow arnhem enthuisiast we will be staying at the hotel pappendal which i think sits on the site of LZ-L and will be visiting some more of the battlesites we thank all our dutch friends who remember and care so much for our fallen many thanks
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    Wolfhezeparas - I hope the weather next weekend will be as fine as is was this Sunday. Have a nice trip.
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    thank you will also be cheering on the dutch team with a few beers in the korenmarkt saturday night !!!
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    Lovely photos, Stolpi. I was in those woods beyond the memorial in June on a walking tour with two Falklands War Parachute Regiment Veterans. It was known as 'Rendezvous Wood' by men of the 10th Battalion and was cleared in an attack led by Major Peter Warr, OC of B Company of the 10th Battalion. He led the boys in with the cry of 'Geronimo'. It's also where Private Bill Allen was shot and killed during the attack. Bill today lies in Arnhem Oosterbeek CWGC cemetery.
    1.JPG 2.JPG
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    Jonanthan - Next time you visit Arnhem, give me a shout, so you can show me around!

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