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    I'm currently doing a little project on the Christmas Blitz of 1940 in Liverpool.
    A 38 year old housewife, Julia Broadley, was killed at E.I. Control in Kirkdale. Mrs Broadley lived in the Kirkdale area, she had 4 children and her husband was away serving in the forces.
    Can anyone tell me what E.I. Control was?
    Many thanks, Sandra

    Civilian Julia Broadley | War Casualty Details | CWGC
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    I suspect E.I. is an Emergency Incident Control. This phrase is in use today from Google.

    Or Emergency Infirmary Control, as pre-war the expectation was that bombing would cause massive casualties. NT Google for that, so can be dismissed. Or Emergency Infection Control, which is term used now, although with another word dropped in after emergency e.g. management. Was there a hospital nearby?

    I note that this appears:
    From: Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service

    Possibly named Bankdale in Bridle Road.

    I am not an expert on WW2 civil defence, but there was a pre-war push to have bomb proof command and control headquarters. Do you know where this was? It would be a shared civil-military-civil defence facility.

    Kirkdale I see has two underground tunnels, which could have been requisitioned and adapted, e.g. an unused platform. See: Disused tunnels database
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    It is possibly extinction of incendiary bomb control/
    Emergency Incident control

    Could also be working at a company called E.I.Control

    A death cert would possibly add more info for you
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  4. Sandra Hayes

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    Thank you so much for your answers. I will certainly look up the Bridle Road lead, that looks very promising.
    Her death certificate says 'crush injuries and loss of blood caused by falling masonry. Result of enemy action' (or similar wording).
    Thanks again.
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    I've posted below a couple of pages from 33AA Brigade dairy for around that time which give detail of the enemy action, damages and the AA defence response. Slightly alarming on sheet 5980 are references to a burst barrel and two prematures resulting in 3 killed and 2 injured.

    DSC05973.JPG DSC05974.JPG DSC05975.JPG DSC05976.JPG DSC05977.JPG DSC05978.JPG DSC05979.JPG DSC05980.JPG DSC05981.JPG
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