E Force to Jalo - the forgotten Desert Operation

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  1. Kuno

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    E Force to Jalo - The forgotten Desert Operation

    We are working on a book which brings back to light the achievements of Force 'E' and its formidable commander, Brigadier D.E. Reid and puts them into the context of the bigger events “Operation Crusader” that unfolded in parallel in November 1941. The operations of Force 'E' are widely overlooked in the literature related to the Desert Campaign of World War II but it is a riveting story waiting to be retold.

    Whilst the manuscript has already progressed very far, we are still looking for historical photographs: Of the troops, their vehicles, Jarabub, Jalo, Aujila... who would know a source or could help with his own photographs?
  2. Kuno

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    ...it seems that we really deal with a forgotten operation ;-)
  3. RemeDesertRat

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    I for one look forward to the publication of this, but unfortunately cant help with your query.
  4. Kuno

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    We are still working - although not as fast as we actually want- on this project. Contemporary photographs would still be welcome - of south African Armoured cars in particular.

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