E.A.C 5 and LMC Pool?

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    I have made allot of progress on this forum deciphering my gt grandfather's service record, now I just need some information relating to the units he was attached to.
    The relevant pictures of the service record can be found here: Postimage.org — free image hosting / image upload
    One of them being E.A.C 5 of the REME - Equipment Assembly Company. The war diaries are available on the national archives but only Jan-Feb 1944. It also states he was "attached" to them, and was not part of REME yet, if that is significant. I believe it is around Feb that he arrived in Italy, and was posted to "3 I.R.T.D" (Infantry Reinforcement Training Depot), if the location of this is available that would be helpful too. He must have left the depot at some point as he rejoined it again later, but in between he was posted to a "LMC Pool" and I am unsure what this means either.
    If anyone has any information on the units and this piece of his service record, that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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